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I think I’d be pretty wealthy if I counted the number of times people told me they weren’t crafty. Whether you think you are or not, gather your friends or co-workers and head to a sign party with Signature Signs because no experience is necessary! These fun events allow you to assemble a wooden sign, stain it, pick your paint colors, paint your design and attach hanging hardware so you can display your masterpiece right when you get home.

Signature Signs has many events happening in our area, which can be found on their Facebook site here. After signing up, you will need to pick your design at least one week prior to the event. Be prepared because they have over 100 fun templates you can view here.

Cost depends on the size and shape of your chosen sign:
– $40 for rectangle or square sign
– $50 for one-sided long porch sign
– $60 for two-sided long porch sign
– $60 for round sign
* Prices do not include food/drink, but you are welcome to order on your own.

If you’d like to host a painting party, you can do that too! For more information on hosting or any other questions you may have, shoot them an email at signaturesignsdiy@gmail.com or call them at (218) 831-2670. Happy designing!

Posted by Abby Jacobs

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